The Job of the 'Competition Parent'

"As bigger & more prestigious comps are coming, as cheer parents we need to remember something, this is THEIR sport. This is about THEM. Yes, it's amazing when they come home with a jacket, a backpack, a sweatshirt, a medal. But it's more amazing when they come home with a smile, a sense of belonging & a sense of accomplishment, with or without the win. 

This past weekend I got so upset with my daughter, but SHE never knew (yes yes, she will now after she reads this but she's understanding that even Mama has flaws, so she will forgive me). I quietly ranted & raved to a select few of my close cheer moms that I could not believe she dropped her stunt. I was mad, thinking if they had just hit, if she had just kept that tiny little flyer up in the air, they would have hit, & probably would have come home with a bid to the Summit. By the time I reconnected with her after awards, I was calm, thank goodness, because the only thing my daughter needed to hear from me, as her mom, was that I was proud of her & that she did amazing. Anything else that needed to be said would be said by her coaches. It is not my job to criticize her skills, not my job to coach her, not my job to point out any flaws she had on the stage (okay, I did tell her to smile, no matter what!), that's her coaches job. My job is to hug her, smile, & tell her I love her.

Next time your kid "fails" or doesn't perform perfectly, remember this, too many times I have seen a parent screaming at their kid, shoving their kid, yanking their arm, or walk away from them while their kid is crying running after them. PLEASE don't be that parent. Nothing, no trophy, no bid, no banner, no jacket, no backpack, nothing is worth diminishing your child's self-esteem over."

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